Jeri Love


Jeri Love - Fine Art Nature Photographer

Focusing on the part of nature we have been conditioned not to see

Jeri Love is professional writer and award-winning photographer. A recent transplant from Evanston, Illinois, to Kalamazoo, Michigan, her photography has been included in juried shows nationwide, including galleries in Southern California, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan.

About Jeri Love

As a fine art nature photographer, Jeri’s work focuses on trees. She was first drawn to photographing our planet’s largest plant after observing the peeling bark of a paper birch tree that seemed to reveal a face. That revelation became the impetus for an expansive photographic study of the expressive nature of trees and a deeper understanding and appreciation of why trees are essential to our lives.

Trees are a vast repository of historical and emotional memory, a reflection of daily life, as well as a harbinger of the future. They are an enduring reminder of the limitless potential of our truest self. When we take the time to observe the beauty of trees and experience them with wonder, our hearts open to appreciate the value, protection and benefits trees provide to all.


Jeri’s father, Sam, was a self-taught, unofficial military photographer during World War II, documenting the daily lives of his fellow soldiers. Although she initially pursued photojournalism in college, Jeri instead worked for 17 years as a journalist and also holds an MFA in creative nonfiction. She began a serious pursuit of digital photography in 2009 and has since received training in nature photography at the Chicago Botanic Garden and Morton Arboretum. Jeri also has studied with photographers Michael Frye, Kathleen ClemmonsMike MoatsLewis KemperDianne KittleCarol FreemanLaurie PruittAdam Kuehl and Gina Grillo.

Jeri is a member of Pentatura Artists, a collective of five female, fine art photographers; the North American Nature Photography AssociationWomen Environmental ArtistsArts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, and one of the founding members of the Chicago Photographic Arts Society

The Beauty and Wisdom of Trees project grew out of Jeri’s life-long passion for trees, which has its roots in the gigantic Dutch Elm hovering outside the bedroom window of her childhood home in Detroit, Michigan. It has since evolved into an ongoing photography and environmental art project aimed at encouraging children, grades K-6, and their grown-ups to become global citizens and environmental stewards with a passion for observing, honoring, protecting, promoting and planting trees.